Monday, 26 March 2012

Esther Arunga Wants To Go Back To TV


After a year running around making all the wrong headlines, good-girl-gone-bad Esther Arunga now says she wants to get back to what made her famous, television.
Mrs Timberlake, who has a three-week old baby, Sinclair Timberlake, says she is planning on making a comeback in the media not as a news anchor but a talkshow host.
"I am coming back to media as soon as my baby starts weaning. My husband and I are initiating a TV programme dubbed 'Upclose and Vivid,'" she says.
She doesn't have a station yet but says she is open to any that will show interest. We have a feeling this show's ratings would be sky high as people find out if she's still got it. Esther Arunga Wants To Go Back To TV

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