Monday, 7 January 2013

Tips for repairing cloth car upholstery

A car is one of the most costly things that most people acquire. Almost every family has at least one. After the purchase, one needs to take good care of it so that it can remain at optimum performance. Failure to do so may lead to engine malfunctions, the interior and exterior being worn out and spending more money than necessary in getting it back to its normal functionality. Taking care of the car’s interior is quite easy. Repairing the cloth car upholstery in particular is easy when you understand what to do.

First off, did you know that this part of the car can get stains? More so when you have children, this may be unavoidable. The best thing to do in this scenario is use cleaners available in the market. You could try out a few and settle on the one that works best for you. When picking them out, ensure you carefully read the instructions and follow them promptly while using them. This will help in avoiding further complications or damage to the upholstery.

It is better to clean out the stain immediately. The longer the stain stays on, the more it will seep into the cloth car upholstery and eventually become permanent. Foaming cleaners tend to work best for this task. You simply spray them over the stain and leave for a few minutes. They make the upholstery expand and then draw out the stain.

Holes and rips are another type of repair that needs to be dealt with immediately. When they are not dealt with in good time, they become bigger and worse. You could get a kit that has different kinds of cohesive, threads, pieces of patch up cloth with different colours and so forth. These are available in most car parts stores. You should sew up the rip or hole with a thick thread. If they rip or hole is too big or cannot be sewn up, you should patch it up with a patch of a matching colour to the car’s upholstery.

When worse comes to worse and you find that this piece of the car interior is damaged beyond repair, you will have to buy a new cloth to put on your car seats. This may be costly but if the entire piece is damaged, there is nothing else you can do. Hope you have some fun as you do the repairs and always remember, prevention is better than cure.

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  1. I think I offended the Kingshurst Automotive team recently when I asked them to help me get a stain out of my rear bench in the Toyota. Those guys are magical with a wrench or a tyre iron, but give them a bottle of Vanish and they don't know what to do! Thanks for the tip.

    1. You are most welcome Thomas! I hope you got the stain off.


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