Tuesday, 29 January 2013

SEO is the key to Success

SEO is of two types: On-site SEO & Off-site SEO. There are certain factors which measures the peak of your SEO:  articles

1) TITLE: Make sure you give proper and complete title to your article. The title should clearly express the body of your article. You should include important keywords (i.e. topics included in your article) in the title of your article so that search engines get better idea of what is inside your

1) QUALITY: By quality, we simply mean writing a good piece of article with no room for grammar, spelling and formatting errors. Your article should clearly talks of the topic it has been written about i.e. it should smartly match up with the TITLE of your article. And your article should be longer enough to accommodate all the information concerned with that topic. It is necessary that you highlight important keywords/phrases/terms/queries in the body of your article so that search
engines could lay more emphasizes on those terms. Make sure that your articles are free of grammar and spelling mistakes as search engines usually demote poorly written articles.

SEO--The key to the success of the network business ?????-??????

3) BACKLINKS: Above two points comes under on-site SEO. Now we will talk about off-site SEO. Backlinking is the best method for doing off-site SEO. Backlinking simply means linking articles from other related websites. It is one of the highly stressed factors in order to boost search engine rankings for any article. So whenever you publish a article with us, always try to backlink it from other websites thereafter. 

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