Tuesday, 29 January 2013

How does the Amino Liquid Diet work?

Dr. Humble Finsand with the help of homeopathic experts and top European scientists formulated The LiquidAmino Diet (LAD). The plan combines a low glycemic diet with specially formulated “Amino Diet Plus” drops. It is said to have been cautiously formulated to consist of ingredients that work together with the body to assist in proper endocrine function, improved metabolism, and rapid weight loss. In just one month, dieters are guaranteed weight losses between 15 and 30 pounds.

This diet works in three phases. In the first phase which lasts between 30 and 90 days with a 1000 calorie daily allowance, dieters start using the drops and commence a low-glycemic diet that includes healthy fats, lean protein, beans, fruit and vegetables. If after 90 days you have not lost the desired weight, you can go back to phase one after completing phase two. In the second phase, dieters don’t take the drops in order to prevent their bodies from going into starvation mode, which may possibly lead to reduced metabolism.  In addition to the foods in the phase one plan, you can consume small portions of oatmeal and whole-grain bread. The daily calorie allowance also increases to 1500. In the third and final phase, you maintain your weight loss by observing a healthy lifestyle. You can also include more sugars and starches in the diet.

Although the liquid amino drops are only taken during the first phase, dieters are required to take fish oil capsules, a vitamin supplement, and a scoop of protein powder in all three phases. This plan is one of many popular diets that apply a combination of healthier eating. There is a catch; you are not allowed to eat after dinner while on this diet. This is because it disrupts your hormones and consequently slows your progress. Many dieters record success in the first two phases then only those who are determined make it through the third phase. Some people tend to go back to unhealthy lifestyle. 

On the down side however, there is no guidance for dieters when it comes to exercise. Too much exercise would be dangerous while too little may not help you lose weight considering it is a low calorie diet. Furthermore, the drops only are very expensive to acquire; a 30-day supply of drops costs $97 making it about $300 for 90 days. So can it be categorised as one of the safest way to lose weight?  You be the judge. 

To learn more about Liquid Amino Diet (LAD) visit, http://www.liquidaminodiet.com/how-does-the-liquid-amino-diet-work/.

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