Saturday, 5 January 2013

Dear Mother,

I take this opportunity to educate you about the importance of hand washing with soap.

Children should be taught to wash their hands on five key occasions: before eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, after visiting the toilet and during their bath. This culture should be instilled in them so that even as they grow they continue with it.

Did you know that over five children die every day due to diarrhoea? It is worse in Africa. Diarrhoea cases are often times caused by contaminated food and/or water. If you can get children to wash their hands before handling food and after visiting the toilet, they can be protected from this deadly disease.

As a mother, you also need to wash your hands before preparing food at all times. Avoid giving children foods and drinks that may be contaminated. It is also your duty to educate other adults who may be ignorant of this fact.

Take charge and save innocent lives!


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