Friday, 4 January 2013

Dear baby daddy

I am writing this letter in the hopes that you are going to read it.

Looking back
Today I look back and I must admit, am happy. I am happy because I believe in the future. The past will remain in the past. I also realise that the present will shape the future and that is why I am happy. Thank you for accepting our son, thank you for acknowledging him as yours. Thank you for the support you have been showing us. I have forgotten all that has happened. My focus is in the future.

Yet I ponder
When I look into the future, I do not get a clear picture. It’s a bit hazy. You moved on, am left hanging. I do not know what to do. Do I also move on? Do I wait and see if you will come back? And what if you don’t? What if I move on and you come back? What if I do nothing and you also keep on moving on with your life? What do I do?

That is where am stuck
Until I get a clear picture, I’ll just remain hanging. I am down right now, but am certainly not out! I shall rise up again; I’ll soar high with the eagles. I shall rule my kingdom like the lion again and I’ll take charge like the rhino! Life will be beautiful again! For now we are happy. My son and I are very happy. Maybe it is because I have started rising. It is not easy but it is a journey I must embark on.

As always,
Min Zeph.

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