Monday, 7 January 2013

Common Notebook Computer Repairs

Almost everyone owns a notebook computer nowadays. Users can save a lot of precious time and money if they were equipped with a few skills on computer repair. Most of the common repairs that can be handled by the users effectively include accidental liquid spills on the machines. If this is attended to right away, the notebook may not be damaged. As soon as the spill occurs, turn it off then invert it upside down for at least 30 minutes so that it can drain. You should then allow the unit to air-dry overnight but ensure that you remove any attached leads, power unit and battery. If there is any liquid residual on the keyboard, remove it using cotton buds and distilled water.

Users tend to often complain about their units randomly shutting off. Knowing the cause can help to quickly fix the problem. This could be caused by poor cooling and going to an air-conditioned area will solve it. It may also be due to an overload of the power drain sensed by the power adapter, a clogged fan which leads to a build of internal dust that causes the processor to overheat, a faulty power adapter which is not able to sustain the normal power needs, faulty battery or battery overheating, open connections or intermittent short circuit.

Most people panic when their notebook is frozen with no response to the keypad or mouse and worse still, cannot shut down. To solve this problem, first disconnect the power cord. Remove the batter then wait for 10 minutes and replace the battery back to the unit. Reconnect the power cord and turn it on. The machine should start normally and be fully operational. In most cases you will find that the data you were working on has been auto recovered especially if you were working on Microsoft word or Excel.

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