Friday, 28 December 2012

The best poems of 2012 composed by Benter Adede

Helium came down, but not to worry; I still have my poetry at

A list of my Favourite Poems by my Favourite Poet.

Poetry: I feel used
Poetry: Dear Lord
Poetry: I'm not crazy
Poetry: I've been holding on
Poetry: In this life
Poetry: A teardrop on a rose
Poetry: You're a distraction
Poetry: A good-hearted woman
Poetry: Summer holidays
Poetry: You're the one
Poetry: Vows
Poetry: Just for you
Poetry: Friends
Poetry: Disappear
Poetry: Crime doesn't pay
Poetry: Complete and total shock
Poetry: I feel used
Poetry: The most beautiful woman
Poetry: True story
 Poetry: The world is just awesome
Poetry: Surprisingly human
Poetry: Start at home
Poetry: Play every day
 Poetry: Can you hear me now?

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did .

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