Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Make money online Check list

There are several opportunities virtually in all fields to make money online. The question is how to you know the genuine sites from scams?

The following check list should guide you on identifying the genuine websites and opportunities.
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  1. Check the websites layout and general grammar. A genuine website will not have bad grammar and one should be able to see other users of the site.
  2. For writing websites, creating an account should be easy and they should not ask for your credit card details.
  3. If it is a paying website, they should accept your payment without you disclosing your credit card, bank account details. It is safer to use PayPal for the payments.
  4. For Freelancing websites, you should be able to see job posts from clients and contractors profiles who have actually gained contracts from bids.
  5. If you are in doubt, ensure you use a search engine like Google, to search for that website's review. It is better to see what other users are saying about that website and make an informed decision. You are better safe than sorry.

 I have been writing at Helium and Wikinut and I am loving it. I also offer freelance services at Elance and oDesk. So far, these four websites have proven to be genuine and with very endless opportunities.

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