Tuesday, 8 May 2012

10 fun ideas for a date on Budget

Fun date ideas on a Budget

Have a tight budget does not mean you cannot have fun on a date. Creativity is what matters. In the same way, having plenty of money does not guarantee a fun date. Enjoying the person you are spending your time with is more important in having a fun date. What you need to do is ensure your date has a lovely experience! However, you need to choose an activity that is safe for both of you.

1.       There are activities that cost nothing at all, such as, going for a walk, bike riding, hiking, or sitting at the park and telling each other stories. The advantage of this is that you get to talk more with your date and the potential of learning new things about them is very high.
2.       If there is little money to spend, go for an ice cream, cupcakes, coffee or tea. Choose a place that is not noisy yet comfortable in order to enjoy it more. Alternatively, ask your date to come over to your place and make cupcakes together. You might learn new tricks in baking in addition to having plenty of fun and spending quality time together.
3.       Rent a movie and watch it at home with your date while having some snacks to go with it. This is fun especially over the weekends. This is not only good on a budget but also very romantic.
4.       Go for a picnic. All you need to do is make some sandwiches, sweets, make or buy a drink and you are good to go. While at it, you could engage in outdoor games, learn each other’s hobbies, or invent a game to play.
5.       Play games. Choose board games or Play Station games. This is a fun way of challenging your partner. You could further spice it up by rewarding the winner or making the loser do something for the winner. For example cook dinner, coffee, a song on the jukebox and so forth.
6.       Although one of you may not like shopping, you could go to a flea market. You may discover plenty of things including you partner’s hobby or a collection that you never knew about.
7.       Play house; dress up in your most serious outfits then visit some open houses. While at it, discuss or argue about how you could arrange the furniture, decorations, or which wall colour or paper to use. Use the opportunity to discuss serious issues or silly issues depending on the level of your date.
8.       If your date would love a musical or play but can't afford the tickets, call around to see if you can buy tickets to the dress rehearsal instead. Not only will you pay a fraction of the price for the same experience, but also make your date happy.
9.       If you love reading, go to a book store and walk together through the aisles. Show each other your favourite books, books you hate and flip through a cook book for ideas for later.
10.   Visit a chocolate or cookie factory. Find out about the ones in your area and call to see if they give tours. If they only do group tours, then make it a group date by inviting other few couples. This is not only fun but also very educational.

Remember, if it is the first date; make sure you are in a public location or in a place with other people so that you are safe. 

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