Friday, 17 February 2012

Can You Really Lose Weight and get into shape doing boxing

Did you know that you could lose weight and get into a killer figure envied by many while participating in boxing? Like other sporting activities, it offers the opportunity to tone up the body muscles, get unrivalled cardiovascular workout, strength and stamina build up and most importantly, shed off unwanted body fats typically around the tummy. This is due to the rigorous training and strict routine adhered to while training. Moreover, there are nutritionists who give advice on the type of diet that one should adopt therefore; one also gets to live a healthy lifestyle. With great discipline, you can gain a lot while training and what’s more, you do not have to go to competition. You could take it as a leisure activity and while having fun, you get to learn techniques that would come in handy while faced with danger. You can protect yourself better as you would be able to spot a dangerous situation from miles away.


  1. I thought boxing makes someone add weight! You know, so that they can become heavy weight!

  2. Yes yes, very hilarious! You do lose the excess, unwanted body fats and replace it with muscles. The muscles is what makes you add weight. Healthy weight!


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