Tuesday, 14 February 2012

EmotionL Reaction Impedes Control

Emotional Reaction Impedes Control
In other words, think before you speak, and similar concepts of keeping calm under pressure.
This ERIC poster was kindly contributed by G Chamberlain, the likely originator of the ERIC maxim.
The poster and the ERIC maxim are useful for illustrating that emotional responses tend to hinder rational thinking and behaviour.
Objectivity is better than subjectivity when fairness and balance are required.

This is the rule of 'counting to ten' to avert feelings of rage or distress. It is certainly true and generally forgotten in the heat of an argument or other stressful situation, that becoming overly emotional is rarely helpful, and usually damaging to all concerned. The theory and learning relating to Transactional Analysis is especially useful in understanding what causes emotional reactions and how to manage these feelings when you feel them rising up.  (Thanks George Chamberlain, who in all likelihood originated this excellent mnemonic and aid to self-improvement around 1975. Incidentally the cartoon is from that time, and was drawn for George by Colin Howard.)

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