Sunday, 12 February 2012

Celebrating our BIRTHDAY

Today is the best day of our life. We are celebrating out birthday; he is turning 5 while am turning 30. I can't wait when he will be turning 30 and I 60. Do the math, you'll probably figure it out. This is a very special day for as I have never had such a day in my life with the following firsts;
ü I am a mother
ü I have a son
ü God has blessed me OK, Once again!
ü I have a satisfactory job that I like
ü I have conquered my worst fears
The only thing I know is that I will continually thank God every day for the numerous gifts He showers me on a daily basis and for my strength. If I had not any of the things that God has given me, I would be nothing. May His name be glorified forever! AMEN

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