Sunday, 22 January 2012


Ruth and Jane were heading back home from school when Jane asked her friend if they could make a stop over at the local chemist. It was going to be one long holiday so Jane decided to be adventurous. She bought herself contraceptive pills as she anticipated they could come in handy given the plans she had earlier made with her boyfriend. Ruth was against this behavior, she believed sex was for the married couple and no teenager should be engaging in the practice. She tried to convince her friend not to do it but Jane was too adamant and would not listen to the voice of reason. As fate would have it, she went ahead and engaged in un-protected and pre-marital sex. A few days later, Jane’s father got a promotion and they had to relocate to a different state. Several years later, Ruth met Jane in the hospital where she went to work as a volunteer. Jane did not look good at all; she was weak and just a shadow of her former self. Ruth was perturbed; she wondered what had happened to her friend. The choice Jane made those many years ago had affected her entire life, those few moments of joy she had left her with the most dreaded disease, AIDS. Ruth on the other hand was happily married with two children. Going back in time, Jane deeply regrets her choices in lifestyle and wishes she had listened to her friend.

We should be careful of the choices we make in life as they have a tendency of shaping our future. What you engage in today will have an impact on your life tomorrow. Think wisely and chose carefully. Where do you want to be? What are you doing to get there? It is better to be safe than sorry.

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