Monday, 29 June 2015

Poetry: Chickens

Naming Chickens

If you name your chickens
you’ll never cut off their head
‘Cause you’ll never put mash potatoes
next to anything called Fred

You’ll never shake –n – bake
good ‘ol Mary Lou
And you won’t make chicken – n – dumplings
when Ellies in the stew

You’ll never have down pillows
or a feather tick
‘Cause your never gonna’ pluck
a critter you call Rick

You’ll never have chicken salad
if Cluckie's in the mix
And no more chicken tacos
if Speckles is the fix

No more chicken pot pie
when Waddles under crust
if you’re wrapping Russ                                                         

There ain’t no chicken sandwich                         
if Nelly is the fill                                                            
No more deep fried chicken                                         
if you have to batter Bill                                                              

There’s so many tasty things                                    
that poultry can provide                                                    
Far beyond the egg                                                          
hidden underneath their hide                                                        

So don’t go naming chickens                                       
if for these things you long                                            
Unless you’re settin’ up                                                 
a chicken retirement home 

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