Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Mothers of today!

Most “modern mothers” nowadays have neglected their natural duty of breastfeeding.  Unknown to them, they not only deny the child’s right to good and pure health but also miss out on natures chance of staying healthy and in some cases, losing weight! Ironically, these so called “modern mothers” skip this exercise because they want to remain young and hip. Others even go a step further and refuse to give their babies a chance to a healthy start citing that they will lose shape or figure since “their breasts will be saggy”. This is indeed sad. I can only sympathize with those children.

Nursing promotes bonding between mother and baby and creates a lifelong connection between the two. Additionally, it makes the baby feel loved, comfortable and safe.

Benefits to the child
  • ·         It is readily available; your baby does not have to wait for you to prepare his/her food while hungry. Why would you keep a hungry baby waiting anyway?
  • ·         It is safe and good for consumption; it is hygienically clean and sterilised therefore, very safe for consumption furthermore, you do not have to check out the label just to find out what the contents are.
  • ·         Has no side effects; unlike some baby milk formula, the breast milk has no side effects and can be used limitlessly. You do not have to confine you baby to a number of servings a day.
  • ·         It has the best nutritional value; breast milk is wholesome and contains the essential enzymes and antibodies that help the child to fight common ailments such as cols, diarrhoea, ear infections, stomach bugs, allergies and respiratory illnesses.
  • ·         It reduces chances of futuristic diseases; it has been proven that babies who are breastfed seldom have diseases such as obesity, childhood leukaemia, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes not forgetting other various forms of cancer.
  • ·         Has the right temperature; how convenient? You do not need to warm it, you do not need to cool it. Its temperature is perfect for baby!
  • ·         Lastly, your child will have a higher IQ if breastfed.

Benefits to mothers
  • ·         Cost effective; it costs nothing in order to have breast milk! Even a starving mother produces milk when the baby demands. If the mother is accustomed to nursing her child, there will always be a ready supply of milk regardless of their feeding habit.
  • ·         Needs no preparation; unlike formula, you do not need to prepare it thus eliminating the danger of feeding your child with toxic feeds or contaminated feeds.
  • ·         May lead to weight loss; breastfeeding is a great way of keeping fit. Whenever you are nursing your baby, some of the calories you took in is suckled out! Think about it.
  • ·         Faster healing; the wounds you acquire while delivering will heal much faster when you are nursing.
  • ·          Less stress and better health; it can significantly lower your stress levels plus decrease the chances of breast cancer, uterine cancer and osteoporosis rates.
  • ·         Natural family planning method; some women enjoy a menstrual free period while they are exclusively nursing their babies. Who needs family planning pills and the works?

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