Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Freelance Writing

10 Reasons to Become a Writer

  1. You are welcome to join the friendly family of freelance writers at Academia-Research.com if:
  2. You want to become more productive in the pecuniary sense - to earn extra (and significant at that) sums of money — or in the sense of creating more text pieces that are in high demand;
  3. You want to receive new learning opportunities in order to enhance the professional knowledge level;
  4. You are equipped with the appropriate writing skills and want to test them at the actual battleground. In that case we can serve your tool for self-discovery;
  5. You want to become independent both economically and morally and to take total control of your life;
  6. You possess vast knowledge and numerous insights on some subjects and want to share them with someone except your diaries and notes;
  7. You are self-disciplined, work well independently and do not like direct and obtrusive supervision right behind your back in the office;
  8. You like written word and have a lot to tell people about: your personal emotions, deep thoughts and wise considerations;
  9. You have gained some important eye-opening experience that is a must for everyone to find out about;
  10. You are a teacher or a scientist who got tired of the narrow and boring limitations of the former occupations and want to start new life in the familiar academic surroundings;
  11. You are a romantic idealist and still think it is possible to change people and the world for better by the power of merely a written word.
Well, they are eleven!

Freelance Writing

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