Friday, 27 January 2012

My Lovely Adorable 18 weeks old son

He is so adorable with his cute little eyes, most captivating smile and yes, He laughs. I catch him looking at me when am working then he looks away as if he wasn’t looking, then he looks back at me smiling, puts his fingers in his mouth and ignores my presence. When I attempt to leave the room, he quickly calls me back with his screams, I seldom can tell what he means, I turn back, and he returns his fingers in his mouth and acts as if he did not make a noise. I am tempted to put a camera in the room just to capture him scream to ascertain that indeed it is he that screams. Well, he is easier to handle now that he is all grown up. Can you imagine, he is sitting, yes, ok, he needs support but he really can sit. Now dressing him is getting difficult, as he has discovered he has hands that can touch and grab. I believe he is also making good if not excellent use of his beautiful eyes. I have seen the way he looks at things, scrutinizing, analysis, comparing, starring, what else do people do with their eyes? All in all, I love the way he looks at me. He brightens my day everyday and every minute of the hour. He is my son, my dear beloved son.

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